Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Everyone Makes One Mistake

Everyone makes one mistake.

I think mine was being born again.

I woke in a strange room, it was hot and stuffy. I remembered the night before, my stupid ass stumbling in the street after being fucking kidnapped. The girl who helped me must have taken me to her home. How kind.

I rubbed my eyes and felt the couch I was on a bit, the flooring in the room looked very similar to the ones in my apartment. I saw a clock on the entertainment system that read 4:54, not too much earlier than what I usually wake at.. I tried to remember any nightmares but I only felt a sight fuzziness in my brain. The whole kidnapping thing must have even frazzled my subconscious.

I found my way to the front door and looked down the halls that looked very similar to the ones in my apartment building. I closed the door behind me, not wishing the person who helped me to be burdened by my sad ass any longer. I found my way to an elevator that looked very similar to the one in my apartment building and stepped inside, pressing the "lobby' button. I waited for a short time before getting to the lobby and walking outside, noticing the street looked a lot like the one I lived on, except more paint covered. I turned around to look at the building I exited from to find myself standing in front of Collingwood Heights. Huh, weird.

I walked back inside and walked through the elevator again, clicking my floor number and walking down the halls once more. The air felt really stuffy and hot, the ac must be broken I guess. I didn't want to have Basil in this bad heat for too long so I went home and grabbed her and some new clothes.

"Let's go one a little adventure, huh, chica?" I said to her in a whisper-y voice. I got outside of the building again just in time to see the sun rising.

So me and Basil hung out by ourselves until about noon, when he showed up out of no where.

I sat in the graveyard, my back resting against a gravestone, flicking the red lighter in my hand on and off. There isn't a single could in the sky and the sun is baking the earth's crust. The ac in Collingwood broke so I took Basil out to slither somewhere that wasn't trying to bake us alive. She curled around herself in my lap, her orange scales glimmering in the sun. I stared at the golden flame from the lighter, remembering the odd events of the earlier morning.

"Rosemary," I looked up to see Gabriel, his blonde hair looking extra shiny in the hot sun.

"Gabriel." I replied, going back to flicking my lighter. He kept staring at me, I could feel it.

"Rosemary," He began again, "are you... well?'

"Why wouldn't I be?" I still didn't look at him.

"I heard of your... situation last night."

"Well then, why didn't you come help me, idioto?" My voice became bitter.

"Because I didn't hear of it until this morning."

"And who told you that?" I spat out.


I paused, my finger pressed against the lighter, ready to light it again. I looked up at Gabe to see his usual frown. Not in this life nor the last has that man smiled.

"I presume you met with him as well?" He went on.

I scoffed,

"More like glimpsed; he saved me, then disappeared. The guy couldn't get away from me fast enough, so if you're looking to me to tell you where he went-"

"That wont be necessary, Rosemary."

My eyes narrowed a bit, looking at him with suspicion.  I put the lighter and Basil in my coat pocket and stood to meet his eye level. I stared at him, waiting for him to go on. He seemed to get the message.

"Rosemary, like I said, Dragon told me what happened this morning, how he 'saved' you and all but..." Gabe looked away, he seemed to be unsure about his next words.

"Those people who kidnapped you, they believe Dragon has been murdering humans, many humans. They know far too much for their own good, Rosemary, the fact that they even know of Dragon's existence is a threat to both of us."

I looked at my feet, almost biting my tongue for even asking,

"So did Dragon really do it? Did he kill that little girl?"

"What- No! Of course he didn't, Rosemary, why would you doubt him?"

"Because I barely even know the guy!" I yelled at Gabe, thanking what ever Deity that watched us that the cemetery was empty.

"Because I've only ever seen him once in this life and he still got out of there as fast as he could! He's been following us this whole time, Gabe! We've been chasing something that was two steps behind us us! And now that we've found him, WE STILL DON'T KNOW WHERE HE IS!" I could feel the anger building up inside me, my tongue was sharp, and the tears threatening to escape burned.

Gabe stood there, staring at me for a bit before letting out a heavy sigh. Gabe put his hands on my shoulders, looking me in the eyes with a seriousness I've never see in my lives. The air around us suddenly felt chilling.

"Rosemary, Dragon is dead."

Everyone makes one mistake.

Mine was being born again.