Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Everyone Makes One Mistake

Everyone makes one mistake.

I think mine was being born again.

I woke in a strange room, it was hot and stuffy. I remembered the night before, my stupid ass stumbling in the street after being fucking kidnapped. The girl who helped me must have taken me to her home. How kind.

I rubbed my eyes and felt the couch I was on a bit, the flooring in the room looked very similar to the ones in my apartment. I saw a clock on the entertainment system that read 4:54, not too much earlier than what I usually wake at.. I tried to remember any nightmares but I only felt a sight fuzziness in my brain. The whole kidnapping thing must have even frazzled my subconscious.

I found my way to the front door and looked down the halls that looked very similar to the ones in my apartment building. I closed the door behind me, not wishing the person who helped me to be burdened by my sad ass any longer. I found my way to an elevator that looked very similar to the one in my apartment building and stepped inside, pressing the "lobby' button. I waited for a short time before getting to the lobby and walking outside, noticing the street looked a lot like the one I lived on, except more paint covered. I turned around to look at the building I exited from to find myself standing in front of Collingwood Heights. Huh, weird.

I walked back inside and walked through the elevator again, clicking my floor number and walking down the halls once more. The air felt really stuffy and hot, the ac must be broken I guess. I didn't want to have Basil in this bad heat for too long so I went home and grabbed her and some new clothes.

"Let's go one a little adventure, huh, chica?" I said to her in a whisper-y voice. I got outside of the building again just in time to see the sun rising.

So me and Basil hung out by ourselves until about noon, when he showed up out of no where.

I sat in the graveyard, my back resting against a gravestone, flicking the red lighter in my hand on and off. There isn't a single could in the sky and the sun is baking the earth's crust. The ac in Collingwood broke so I took Basil out to slither somewhere that wasn't trying to bake us alive. She curled around herself in my lap, her orange scales glimmering in the sun. I stared at the golden flame from the lighter, remembering the odd events of the earlier morning.

"Rosemary," I looked up to see Gabriel, his blonde hair looking extra shiny in the hot sun.

"Gabriel." I replied, going back to flicking my lighter. He kept staring at me, I could feel it.

"Rosemary," He began again, "are you... well?'

"Why wouldn't I be?" I still didn't look at him.

"I heard of your... situation last night."

"Well then, why didn't you come help me, idioto?" My voice became bitter.

"Because I didn't hear of it until this morning."

"And who told you that?" I spat out.


I paused, my finger pressed against the lighter, ready to light it again. I looked up at Gabe to see his usual frown. Not in this life nor the last has that man smiled.

"I presume you met with him as well?" He went on.

I scoffed,

"More like glimpsed; he saved me, then disappeared. The guy couldn't get away from me fast enough, so if you're looking to me to tell you where he went-"

"That wont be necessary, Rosemary."

My eyes narrowed a bit, looking at him with suspicion.  I put the lighter and Basil in my coat pocket and stood to meet his eye level. I stared at him, waiting for him to go on. He seemed to get the message.

"Rosemary, like I said, Dragon told me what happened this morning, how he 'saved' you and all but..." Gabe looked away, he seemed to be unsure about his next words.

"Those people who kidnapped you, they believe Dragon has been murdering humans, many humans. They know far too much for their own good, Rosemary, the fact that they even know of Dragon's existence is a threat to both of us."

I looked at my feet, almost biting my tongue for even asking,

"So did Dragon really do it? Did he kill that little girl?"

"What- No! Of course he didn't, Rosemary, why would you doubt him?"

"Because I barely even know the guy!" I yelled at Gabe, thanking what ever Deity that watched us that the cemetery was empty.

"Because I've only ever seen him once in this life and he still got out of there as fast as he could! He's been following us this whole time, Gabe! We've been chasing something that was two steps behind us us! And now that we've found him, WE STILL DON'T KNOW WHERE HE IS!" I could feel the anger building up inside me, my tongue was sharp, and the tears threatening to escape burned.

Gabe stood there, staring at me for a bit before letting out a heavy sigh. Gabe put his hands on my shoulders, looking me in the eyes with a seriousness I've never see in my lives. The air around us suddenly felt chilling.

"Rosemary, Dragon is dead."

Everyone makes one mistake.

Mine was being born again.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

What the Hell is Wrong With This Town

 I haven't left my apartment in a few days. I've barely even left my bed. I'm just in a fog but... I don't want to... Every time I've fallen asleep I just have more bloody nightmares,

All the food has been eaten by now, and I feel sick as hell. I pull my blanket back and get out of bed to use the bathroom. But before I could touch the cold tiled floor, there was a knock at my front door. I stared at it for a second, contemplating if I should answer it or not. No one ever visits me, I don't know anyone in town. Maybe it was Gabriel, I was running low on money and I haven't seen the jerk in a few weeks now.

I pulled a coat on and fixed my shorts a bit before going to the front door. The person knocked again.

"I'm coming, I'm coming, hold on!" I called through the door.

I opened to door to see a small group of people. Oh great, Mormons. But there was suddenly a flash and I found myself in darkness.

I woke up with my wrists feeling itchy, and my head hurt like a bitch. I could feel my heavy head rolling from on side to the next and I stretched my back a bit.

"Great the princess is awake."

What? I looked up to see the same group of people from my door but now they towered over me, they looked so much meaner, so much darker.

I tried to move my hands but the were firmly stuck behind my back. I was tied to a chair. My stomach felt tight and I thought I was about to vomit. My heart was beating out of control and I started to hyperventilate. Some how I was still able to find my voice,

"Q-Que-?! W-what's going on? Donde- Where am I?!"

"We're behind a local restaurant, no need to worry, we aren't going to hurt you. As long as you do your part and tell us something."

I suddenly got a terrible feeling about this. It's not like I was having a joy before, though.

"Where is the dragon?"

My heart stopped for a second. I couldn't believe what I heard. How could they know? Who are these people? Why do they even want to know?

"Tell me now, girl. Where is it hiding?"

"Yo no se! I- I don't know what your talking about. A dragon? What does that even mean? Let me go now and maybe I won't call the police!"

"We won't let you go til you tell us where it is!"

"W-where what is? Some dragon? What is that code for a mob boss or something? Sorry, I'm Spanish, not Italian; I don't know any."

The man put his hand against the chair and leans it back a bit, getting uncomfortably close to my face.

"That dragon murdered a little girl! Do you understand that? She's DEAD! Never coming back, never get's to see her family again! GONE! You know where the dragon is, so tell us!"

No way, that's not true! Dragon was the shyest, sweetest guy I knew- Well, my past life knew. He was strong but he wouldn't hurt an innocent little girl! He- he couldn't have...

"I- I don't know what you're taking about!"

"Yes you do! Our sources state that its been following you for years, ripping poor people to shreds, one by one! Tell us or else!"

"Your sources are wrong!"

"Why you little-" The man hooked his fingers in my mouth, pulling my head up, he tasted like ash and filth. I could see the dark sky above, starry and cold. Not a cloud in the sky and the moon shined against the black.

Fuck it

I snapped my lower jaw up and bit hard on his fingers, and feeling a crunch made me hold on even  tighter. He yelled and yanked his hand away from me, cradling his hand like an animal. I could taste his filthy blood. I spat out the iron taste, disgust filled my body in a burning wave.

"Screw you, bitch." My tongue felt sharp.

The man pulled out a gross bar of metal and his lackeys followed his movements. My stomach dropped and my heart began to beat out of my chest. I screwed my eyes shut and braced myself only to hear bones crushing in front of me. I whipped my head up to see the man thrown against the ground, skidding across the pavement a little before stopping limply. His lackeys looked bewildered 'til another man flew to the ground. Oh, now they looked scared.

A masked person came out of the corner of my eye, knocking out another man with a punch to the face. My heart skipped a beat. The masked person was covered from head to toe in long clothing except his red, clawed hands. His exposed neck even had the same haunting, crimson scales. He just kept beating them one by one, with a heavy force I've never seen in this life. He easily defeated every single kidnapper, their stupid faces covered in bruises and blood.

The masked person's chest heaved as he stood above the unconscious bodies at his feet. He came behind the chair I was tied to and cut the scratchy ropes with his claws.
I rubbed my wrists and looked up to see him inches from my face. He held my face for a moment before curling something into my hand. I tried to see past his dark mask but as soon as he came, he disappeared, and I was left alone in the dark alley.

I was left stunned. I just stared at the wall in front of me. Everything happened so quickly. I looked to my hand to find an old-school lighter, scratched and rusty, but it still had a red shine underneath. I flicked it open and it sparked with a golden flame. I stared at it in wonder and I felt myself breathe for the first time that day,



The police arrived as I rushed myself out of the creepy alley. The night streets were empty and quiet, giving myself breathing space. Man, I haven't been that awesome in so long! Why the hell have I been stuck in my apartment, think of how bad-ass I could have been on the streets! Well, my smart mouth almost got me killed but I saw Dragon! I know I did! He saved me- well, I guess. I'm not usually the damsel in distress type but I'll let him have that one time.

My rush of adrenaline started to drip away and I started feeling sluggish. I found a street lamp and leaned against it for support. The streets were lonely and my body felt heavier and heavier with every second.

"Hey, are you ok?" Startled, I looked towards the voice to see a girl standing a few feet from the street lamp I was against. She had a dark aura about her but it wasn't in a bad way.

"I- I don't-" I held my tongue, contemplating if I should forfeit my pride even after all that happened.

"Si, I'm totally f-fine."

"You look horrible, no offense."

"None taken, my friend is blunt like that."

We kind of just stood in the silent shadows for a moment until I felt myself slide down the street lamp, my knees finally giving out.

"Hey! What are you-" The girl stooped down and slung my shoulder over hers,

"I- I'm fineee..." I sounded so tired, and it was hard to keep my eyes open.

"Come on, you sleep, and you'll be fine in the morning." Her voice was a bit stained but very warm. I looked at her wrist to see a cute cross tattoo.

"... nice tat..." I mumbled half heatedly. She was silent for a moment,

"Thanks, its new."

And I felt myself slip back into darkness.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Duck Rain and Dragon Dirt

I woke up feeling strange. My nightmare... wasn't scary? I had to tell the graves! I needed more graveyard dirt anyway so might as well kill two rats with one snake! I flung myself from bed and got ready to have a small adventure!

I grabbed my sneakers and a clean shirt and got ready to leave before I saw the world outside the window. It was raining. Pouring. A waterfall was bursting from the sky. Ok then, I'll grab my rain coat as well! I fed Basil a treat and snagged a jar before running out the door. Starving and excited I ran down the main stairs on the hunt for some food real quick.

Outside the lobby doors, a storm attacked the pavement mercilessly. The streets were flooding and the trees looked limp and berated. Pulling the collar of my olive rain coat up, I pushed the doors open. I flash of white feathers swooped past my head, yellow claws just missing my face by a few inches.

"What the hell?!"

I pulled my head back out of reflex at looked to my where my assaulter landed to see a duck. Many ducks. Swimming in the streets. The duck that had almost hit me flusteredly waddled to the street, meeting with friends and running away.

 The bewildering sight left me starring a bit but I regained my senses with time and continued on my adventure.

I walked over to this place next to Collingwood Heights called "Hot Legs"? Never heard of it but it said on a sign that they have good fries and hot wings. Cool. I walked inside to be blasted by music and rave lights. Most of the club was empty but the people who where there were all women. Huh.

I walked up to a bar like dinning area and sat down, feeling a little out of place but mostly uncomfortable by the insanely loud music. A tough looking woman on the other side of the bar walked up to me.

"WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE SUGAR?" She yelled but I still could only barely hear her over the noise.

"uh- UH SOME FRIES AND WATER!" I yelled back and she wrote my order down.


'what kind of place is this?'  I thought, looking around some more. All the decor. The light. The music. The overly affectionate waitress.

'no way." It dawned on me.  

'I'm in a lesbian bar aren't I?'  I backed off my chair and looked around more, only confirming my suspicion. I quickly turned away from the bar and stumbled out the door and back onto the stormy streets.

"Holy shit, how can I be that oblivious?!" I said, hitting myself in the head. Not against the life, I just had no clue why I didn't see that place was a lesbian bar, ok? Its good to see we got a diverse neighborhood though.

As I stood there a bit longer the entrance's bell rang and a boy quickly ran past me and out of sight as fast as he came. He looked like he was in a hell of a hurry. My eyes wandered to the pavement at my feet to see drops of blood diluting against the wet ground. I looked back to where the boy disappeared, kind of confused. I hope that boy was ok...?

I decided to skip breakfast and head strait to the graveyard this time. My walk there consisted of stepping over ducks and rivers of flood water. News stands along the way all screamed the same thing:



How can a curse cause flash flooding though? Oh well, in the end I made it to the graveyard in record breaking slowness. The sign above the looming black gates read:

"Old Hollow Graveyard" Poetic.

Anyway, I wandered a bit through the graves, every single one was blackened with age and as I wandered there was a crowed of people in the distance. All huddled around one shiny white stone; I'll have to vista then sometime as well.

Soon after the group of people disappeared from my sight I found myself stumbling upon my favorite grave: Mr. Rodrick Fredly, 1902-1998, died the year I was born. I've only been here about a month now but he seems to be the best listener, its not like I've meet many living people in the neighborhood anyway. I crouched down and opened the jar in my pocket. I started scooping grey dirt into the jar and started one of our usual one sided conversations.

"I had another nightmare," I said to the old stone, "Well, I always have nightmares, you know that, but this one was different! It wasn't bloody. It was just a normal day." A warmness filled my chest as I remembered the nightmare.

I woke up to see Gabriel still awake, as he always was, and Dragon was sleeping close to the blackened fire pit. I went through my backpack and pulled out breakfast materials.

We all enjoyed a happy meal of Gabe eating nothing and Dragon just ate some fire coals. I had bread and ham. It was like a family breakfast. We packed up and wandered through the woods some more, Gabe taking the lead and Dragon by my side. Not a single wild animal crossed our path that day. Not a single monster needed to be defeated. It was rare peace for us. 

We made it out of the grim forest as the day waned, stumbling upon an open field filled with golden wheat. I took Dragon's hand and ran past Gabe. I pulled Dragon down to the ground with me, flopping down under the tall grass. We laughed and watched the sky turn to a blazing red.

It was like a fantasy, so surreal, so joyful.

Dragon broke the laughter, yelling to the sky something that surprised me,

"I love you, Rosemary Valerian!"

And then I woke up in my dark, empty apartment. The sun was just starting to rise and my heart was pounding harder than it has ever before.

"I guess it was the first time he told her he loves her." I said to the graves. They stood as stoic as ever, rain dripping down their faces. I could feel the rain pelting against my rain coat again and the cold smell of dirt shook me from my thoughts.

"Is that what a dream feels like?" Sadly my decaying friend could not answer my unfamiliar question.

I finished collecting the graveyard dirt and sealed the jar. I stood up and called a goodbye to Mr. Fredly before walking out the graveyard gates and went home.

I looked up at the old manor, dark and grim against the charcoal sky. It felt haunting until my eyes caught a splash of bright color pinned to the corner wall. I curiously walked to it to see a giant graffiti master piece.

A knight in purple shining armor stood with his chest out and feet wide, firmly standing in a bath of flames. He looked up towards the sky where his foe resided. A red dragon, flying high above the brave knight and a sword through its scaled heart. The dragon had its jaws open in a silent roar of agony, trying to escape its fate.

I couldn't look away from the art, emotions flooded through me that I had never felt while awake. Anger poured out of my eyes and I couldn't help myself. I flung my arms against the side of the building, hitting and scratching at the painted knight. I gritted my teeth to keep myself from screaming. I only managed to scratch off a few flakes of paint before I curled my fists and fell to my knees.

I couldn't stand. I couldn't speak. I just stared at nothing while I cried in the rain. I wanted that knight to die, I wanted him to stay away from the dragon. The poor dragon. My Dragon...
It felt like I was sitting there for hours, the air suddenly thick and hot, suffocating me.

I stood again once I found feeling in my legs. I stumbled on shaky ground with my arms close to my body. I pattered into the lobby, the only sounds I heard were my own soggy foot steps and the rain outside. My ascent up the stairs was long, and I finally opened the door to my empty apartment. Not bothering to turn on the lights, I locked the door and slid down to the dull coppery floor. I curled my body into myself a tight ball of swimming, strange emotions.


I whispered to no one, I cried to an empty room. I felt so weak for some reason, so cold.
"My Dragon..."

What the hell is wrong with me? Why do I feel this way?

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


My day started at 1:00 am waking up in my usually stressed and sweaty way. The blankets were too hot and clung to my skin in a terrible way. I couldn't close my eyes without seeing horrifying images behind my eyelids. So sleep wasn't really an option.
My room was almost completely dark except for Basil's heat lamp but even then the world felt small and hot. I felt like I couldn't escape anything, not even the air I had to breathe to survive. I just couldn't keep from the feeling of heat sticking to my body and smothering me.
I got out of bed and pulled a sheet around me as I headed to the kitchen a few feet away. The window next to my fridge barely let any street light in.
Through the widow I could see the moon was beginning to turn a bloody red color. It reminded me of Dragon's scaly red skin that he always tried to hide under many types of clothing. I smiled a little, he is always kind of insecure in my nightmares, like a flustered kid 24/7. I think that was one of the reasons past me loved him.
I opened my refrigerator to let the bleached light flood the kitchen floor. It only took a few seconds for the cold air to hit me and I sat down in front of the open fridge. I leaned my shoulder against the door to keep it from closing on me.
The cold air hit me like a wave and I sunk to the bottom of its endless ocean. I closed my eyes and looked at the color that filtered through my eyelids, an array of oranges and reds let my eyes stay busy yet rested. I fell asleep again and woke up around 7:00 am with only a memory of fuzziness from my dream and a warm refrigerator.
I got up and went to the bathroom. I passed the mirror and stopped. Taking a step back I looked at myself. Me. Not her. Me. My tan Hispanic skin. My different colored eyes. The many colorful band aids covering exposed skin. My dark short hair. This was me.
I went on my routine, washing up and dressing myself, checking the closet garden, and feeding my slithery baby for the week.
I left the building and started walking towards the hardware store to buy some new plants. The air was thin today, clouds over head just little whips in the endless blue. As I was looking to the sky I bumped into someone. I turned back to look at them but they just kept going like they were in a hurry. Their feminine body shape looked really pretty but their walk was kind of sad, maybe confused. For some subconscious reason I wanted to call out to them but my voice caught in my throat. I felt kind of helpless... not that I'd every admit that to a soul. I just turned back to the sidewalk and kept moving forward.
The hardware store smelled of sawdust and soil, very welcoming. I got what I came for and went home, but as I stared at my barren apartment, the image of that girl stuck in the back of my mind, like I had seen them once before...

Thursday, August 6, 2015


My day started with another god-damn nightmare! I'm getting sick of waking up every morning trying to piece together what the hell happened this time! And this new apartment isn't helping me feel at home. At least in this life I have both my arms....
I took a shower and fed Basil before I met with Gabriel again today at The 72, but he didn't have any reliable sources on where Dragon is again.
Gabriel is kind of my guardian/kidnapper; when I was little and having the mind destroying nightmares with no answers, he found me, telling me he was a friend in my past life. That night I left with him and we've been on the road ever since! And by we, I mean me. I barely see Gabe, he's always "too busy searching for Dragon to babysit me"
 About a week ago he made me move to Collingwood Heights for my "protection". Right after I ate Gabe gave me this months allowance and left town, it was like the guy couldn't wait to get away from me! He was practically half way out the door by the time I said goodbye. Whatever, the jerk doesn't even deserve my goodbyes, if he can't stand me why does he even bother coming into town once every few months? I guess it's cause he thinks I can find Dragon for him, as if "Dragon's love for you could surpass reincarnation". But for all Dragon knows, I'm dead.
According to Gabe he ran off after my funeral and never came back. I've only ever seen Dragon in my nightmares but when he's there... they aren't as scary.
I read the newspaper a bit before I left the diner. Did you hear about the little girl that drowned in the lake? Me neither. Also, whoever put the bra on the statue of Stanley Collingwood, I'll drink to you tonight.
I went over to the graveyard to get some graveyard dirt, the closet garden isn't doing to well so I thought some fresh soil might help. The thyme and dandelions are doing well but not the violets or lavender... I really suck at gardening but I love it anyway.
Time for bed now, I've already put Basil in her tank and turned out the apartment lights. It just takes me a while to prepare myself for sleep each night, especially with the renovations upstairs, I can hear the hum of it even with my apartment being ten floors down!
Oh well, Good-nightmare apartment 303...