Thursday, August 6, 2015


My day started with another god-damn nightmare! I'm getting sick of waking up every morning trying to piece together what the hell happened this time! And this new apartment isn't helping me feel at home. At least in this life I have both my arms....
I took a shower and fed Basil before I met with Gabriel again today at The 72, but he didn't have any reliable sources on where Dragon is again.
Gabriel is kind of my guardian/kidnapper; when I was little and having the mind destroying nightmares with no answers, he found me, telling me he was a friend in my past life. That night I left with him and we've been on the road ever since! And by we, I mean me. I barely see Gabe, he's always "too busy searching for Dragon to babysit me"
 About a week ago he made me move to Collingwood Heights for my "protection". Right after I ate Gabe gave me this months allowance and left town, it was like the guy couldn't wait to get away from me! He was practically half way out the door by the time I said goodbye. Whatever, the jerk doesn't even deserve my goodbyes, if he can't stand me why does he even bother coming into town once every few months? I guess it's cause he thinks I can find Dragon for him, as if "Dragon's love for you could surpass reincarnation". But for all Dragon knows, I'm dead.
According to Gabe he ran off after my funeral and never came back. I've only ever seen Dragon in my nightmares but when he's there... they aren't as scary.
I read the newspaper a bit before I left the diner. Did you hear about the little girl that drowned in the lake? Me neither. Also, whoever put the bra on the statue of Stanley Collingwood, I'll drink to you tonight.
I went over to the graveyard to get some graveyard dirt, the closet garden isn't doing to well so I thought some fresh soil might help. The thyme and dandelions are doing well but not the violets or lavender... I really suck at gardening but I love it anyway.
Time for bed now, I've already put Basil in her tank and turned out the apartment lights. It just takes me a while to prepare myself for sleep each night, especially with the renovations upstairs, I can hear the hum of it even with my apartment being ten floors down!
Oh well, Good-nightmare apartment 303...

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